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Hamburg – ‘The Gate to the World’!
Come and explore Germany’s most prestigious harbor city – the sin city Hamburg!
Why did the Vikings destroy Hamburg in 845 AD? And how did those same Vikings rule much of Northern Europe and Scandinavia?
Learn about the trade union of the ‘Hanse’, stroll and see beautiful ‘Hafen City’ and learn about Hamburg’s and north Germany’s culture and history while visiting the immigrations halls.


These halls were the direct connection from Germany to New York and almost every American with German roots can take a trip down memory lane and almost feel how their ancestors must’ve felt leaving Germany for the United States!

Also see and experience the world-famous red-light district and its hustle and bustle! There’s a ton of stories and folklore tales surrounding this mystic place and we have them all.

Book your private tour guide for a minimum of 3 hours and experience the city through the eyes of a local! Your guide can be booked for additional hours!


You can decide which parts of the city you want to see and if you want your tour to focus on culture, history, lifestyle or any of your other interests. You can also let us handle your tour and give you a well-balanced experience.

Hamburg can be overwhelming as it is so very different from anything you’ve seen before.

Book your tour with us and let us guide you through this fantastic city. Your guide will not just show you the city though the eyes of a local, but also give you great advice of where to go and where not to go.

Banana Joe Tours Hamburg is ready for you and at your service!

Get ready for a fun adventure in iconic Hamburg and book your tour today.

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